About Me

  • My name is Calla and I am a scrapaholic.
  • Most of my scrapbooks are done by year (I have 2006-current). Each of my pages are different events that have occurred within that year.
  • My other scrapbook is from a 3 week Eurotrip where I am working on doing two page spreads for each day of the trip.
  • I am addicted to Pinterest and sharing ideas on my board: My Scrapbook
  • I love to pin everyone’s scrapbooking ideas and maybe use them for later. Scrapbook Ideas
  • I am willing to share my ideas with everyone else as they have shared many with me (please just link back!)
  • Sketches can sometimes get my creative juices moving. Scrappy Sketches

Have fun and enjoy my blog! I hope you get some ideas on how to do your next page, much like I have!